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Issue No. 167 July 2024

Challenges for Suppliers. Times Are Changing. Mindful Fluency. Knowledge, Skills and Mindset. Disjoint Sets. Master and Slave. Messaging.

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Issue No. 166 June 2024

Sugar, or No Sugar? They Fly Like a Bird. Appointing a Leader. What's Important? The Leader Traps. My Dad's Bigger Than Yours. Data vs Information.

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Issue No. 165 May 2024

Help, I'm Stuck! Deja Vu Meetings. Popping Your "Happy Bubble" Meetings. The Leader Traps. Its All About The Vision.

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Issue No. 164 April 2024

It's All About Engagement. To The Generation That Got Us This Close To Annihilation. Yin, Yang. Death by a Thousand Cuts. Lead by Example.

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Issue No. 163 March 2024

"Should" is a Distraction. Sympatric Speciation - Easy For You to Say! ...In a Nutshell. Selfishly Sustainable. The Latest Virus. The Revenge of The Sunflowers.

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Issue No. 162 February 2024

The Opposite Of Courage is Conformity Pt. 2. Time Wasting Monologues. What Do You Mean? Revolving Doors: The Essence of Western Corruption. Flying Cars and Mind Readers. Personality Isn't Everything.

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Issue No. 161 January 2024

Change The Person or Change The Person. CVs - Part 5. The Opposite of Courage is Conformity Pt. 1. The Weakness of Awareness. Simple? Yes. Easy? No. Personality Profiling

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Issue No. 160 December 2023

Real Safety - What Again? Too Busy Brigade. Feedback. You're So Two-Faced. Minimal Viable Product. CVs - Part 4.

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Issue No. 159 November 2023

Optimally Aroused. Do As You're Told. Every Project Faces Ruin. Another Passive Organisation? CVs - Part 3. Open To Interpretation.

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