Behavioural Management Techniques (BMT)

Hollin offer bespoke BMT courses specific to each client's needs.

Behavioural Management Techniques (BMT) is a unique blend of behavioural science tools and leadership skills. BMT courses maximise delegates’ ability to absorb the information and make their learning as pertinent to their roles as possible.

    Course Information

    Course Outcomes

    Organisational Benefits of BMT Training

    Course graduates leave with an understanding of why people behave as they do and how to influence this. Delegates learn about the characteristics of good-quality feedback and reflect on how to implement this in their workplace.

    Behavioural changes are made during the course, delivering immediate returns on investment. This prepares individuals to initiate and support sustainable behavioural change at an organisational level. Delegates are equipped to continue making changes after the course is over.

    One course graduate saved their organisation £200k by changing their management of fleet vehicles. They went on to save a further £600k using problem-solving tools and key skills taught in the BMT course; saving the organisation some £600k over two years, and every subsequent year.